Hey, I'm Olivia!

I'm a 23 year old, self confessed over thinker who has chosen to write about all these thoughts to try and inspire, reassure or generally be a companion to anyone who wants to listen.

Authentically Olivia was born from my love of writing, photography and obsession with most things that fit under the 'lifestyle' category. I guess the 'mantra' I live by is to be as honest and authentic to myself and what I believe in so, I've transferred that over to my blog!

I write honestly and candidly, mostly to reassure other people that it is OK to be yourself and I explore this through personal topics such as my struggle with acne and my relationship with food. I am also keen to share general lifestyle things I love so post lots of fun fashion, beauty, recipes etc. If you want to be nosy and find out what I'm getting up to, I also document my life and over thinking in 'thoughts' and photography posts.

I hope you enjoy my blog and I would love to hear what you think!

Olivia x

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