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Beauty Works LA Weave: My Initially Disastrous Experience

When it comes to my hair, I feel like I am quite impulsive. I've died it different colours, cut it into a bob, had multiple fringes cut (which I always regret a week later) and have dabbled with clip in hair extensions. I like changing my look and I feel like I should while I'm young! I have been considering getting permanent hair extensions for years now, though, and it finally felt the right time for me to try it out!

I decided I was going to get them before Christmas and literally did months of research until I decided on two stylists. Now, this is where all my posts of 'don't believe what you see on Instagram' come in. I absolutely fell in love with the work of a hair extension technician near where I used to live and I quickly got in contact with her about getting my own weave. She is about 2 hours away from where I live now but I didn't mind travelling because I thought she was the best chance at getting the perfect weave!

She had loads of clients and took a day or so to reply to me and we chatted on text and I sent photos of my hair so she could colour match it etc. I asked all the questions I wanted to know and she answered them all, putting my mind at rest. Her portfolio of work, happy customers and approach on text put me at ease and I booked in for an 150g, 18inch LA Weave for a month later (she was that busy)!

I was literally so, so excited for the whole month and when the Saturday came around, I just couldn't wait to get my weave! We arrived and I waited about 5 minutes for her to finish up with her previous client and then it was my turn. She matched the hair she had chosen for me to my natural colour and started weaving it in almost straight away. I was happy as she started, trusting she new exactly what she was doing...

She then said she didn't feel too well and had to cancel the rest of her appointments for the day so I was glad that she was able to squeeze me in after driving 2 hours to get there! When she was sewing the weave in I tried to ask as many questions as I could but didn't manage to get them all out because she literally finished it in half an hour.

At the time, I thought she must be amazingly experienced to be able to finish it in this short space of time and without having to cut into my own hair at all like she said she would have to (I had a really blunt, short cut). She trimmed the actual weave a little bit, curled it and took a photo of it on my phone like I asked and it literally looked AMAZING. My hair looked exactly like the ones in her Instagram photos and I was over the moon. Once she'd finished, though, she said nothing more about it. I received absolutely no after care advice, I literally just booked in for my refit in 8 weeks time and left. I didn't even get to see it from the front! Not once did she bring it to the front and blend it all in but, naively, I just trusted she'd done it a thousand times and knew what she was doing. Plus, the massive curls probably would have masked the awful blend anyway.

The whole thing felt pretty rushed but I was fine because I had my new hair! We stayed out for the day and I felt great with my long hair and big, bouncy curls. We traveled back and it was only when I got home and the curls had dropped that I realised my hair was SO LONG, like way more than 18 inches and I could see my own blunt bob literally sticking out either side. 

I tried to trim it myself with not much luck and spent hours figuring out a way to hide it. It just looked awful. I was expecting the tight sensation on my head I had heard people talk about but it actually felt kind of limp and not secure. I was so scared to wash it because it didn't feel tight so I didn't wash my hair for 3 days which is a record for me but something I need to get used to having a an LA Weave. Anyway, I messaged a few LA Weave technicians in my area for a trim and blend on it and tied it back for Monday at work. P.S. if you're ever in the same situation, you need to get someone who is used to cutting hair extension to cut it because they use a different method to normal hair dressers!

I was so gutted to be feeling self-conscious of it after spending so much on it and being so excited for it. The first person that answered me was The Glam Shack Company in Peterborough. I'd been recommended her by a friend and prayed that she would be able to help me as soon as possible! She managed to squeeze me in that day and I was so happy to be able to have a weave that actually looked real.

I was warmly welcome when I got there and she brought me straight into her hair studio. She looked at my hair and knew exactly what I meant about the awful blend. She then looked at how the weave had been attached and was shocked that the previous technician hadn't even used the LA Weave method but a Horseshoe method. She also told me that the hair used was 22 inches which tells me that she didn't buy my hair specifically for me but used some leftovers she had lying around! I didn't even get to see the Beauty Works box like, I later found out, I was meant to. She offered to completely refit it for me at a discounted price and I couldn't be more grateful for that! She refitted it properly and blended it perfectly, not taking too much off my real hair and asking me exactly how I wanted it throughout.

(P.S. excuse my unwashed hair, I was petrified to wash it with the previous weave because it didn't feel secure and it felt SO LONG (way, way too long for me)

I had the best experience I could have wished for at The Glam Shack. I completely trusted her and I was right to because my LA Weave couldn't be better, now! She put it on securely and I had that 'tight sensation' the first few days like I thought I would. I can wear it straight or curly, without worrying my own hair is sticking out all over the place like before. She also gave me so much after care advice so a newbie like me won't ruin my hair and also a little gift bag with a dry shampoo and all the after care advice in it so I wouldn't forget! This is exactly how I wanted to be treated and expected to be treated and I couldn't recommend her enough.

Look how neat the track is!
 So, don't always believe what you see on Instagram because I have experienced first hand how perfect something can look but actually be the complete opposite! I don't want to divulge the previous technician because I wouldn't want to affect her business in anyway and do feel that she was maybe having a bit of an 'off-day' after she told me she didn't feel well. I let her know I was disappointed and she was very lovely about it saying she would have rectified it for free if she'd have known. I physically couldn't drive back another 2 hours because of work which is not her fault.

I have written this post to, one, recommend an LA Weave technician that I had an amazing experience with, two, get my experience out there for anyone who is considering getting an LA Weave and, three, to just reiterate that you shouldn't believe what you read on Instagram! Oh, and make sure they're a certified LA Weave technician. The Glam Shack have the licence number S18P2201 if you want to check that out! 

 I urge anyone in the Peterborough area that wants a weave, to go to The Glam Shack because I can honestly say that she saved my whole weave experience! I am so obsessed with it now and can wear it with pride. It's so nice to have long, swishy princess hair and I owe that all to The Glam Shack!

Also, I'd be more than happy to answer any more specific questions about my experience with an LA Weave and Beauty Works hair because I know I found literally one blog post explaining what it was like and I could really have done with reading more! I have found the actual hair is great quality so far, so hopefully that lasts!

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  1. Awwww bless you babe! I’m so glad you are happy with it now xx


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