Monday, 26 March 2018

Learning To Love The Girl In The Mirror

I'm so excited to say that the book tour for Learning To Love The Girl In The Mirror has reached my blog! I thoroughly enjoyed the book and completely related to so many of the subjects she covered. Personally, I'm in the process of being a little bit kinder to myself and by doing that, I have found the pressure to be perfect is slowly releasing and leaving me feeling happier in my mind and body.

Learning To Love The Girl In The Mirror is written by a British actress living in LA, Helena Grace Donald, and offers a brutally honest account of her experience with an eating disorder. Aimed at young women, Helena talks through how she learnt how to be a little bit kinder to herself and 'the girl in the mirror'.

This book completely encapsulates everything that I'm trying to work on at the moment and that's why I found it so interesting to read. It was lovely to hear in-depth how somebody else has struggled with many of the same feelings as I have. It was also great to see that she worked on them for herself but, by doing so, is managing to help many other young women that haven't worked out how to be content in their own skin yet.

I found Helena's voice throughout the book to be understanding and kind and it's no surprise to me that she knows exactly what the reader is going through. She covers a range of subjects from unhealthy fad diets, to stress, to striving for perfection, to simple ways to appreciate your body every day. The book is filled with little self-help exercises that I think would be really useful to most people. I mean, have you really ever met anyone that is 100% confident and happy with their body? I know I haven't!

Similarly to Helena, I resonated with many of the struggles she covers in the book during my teenage years and she does a perfect job in pinpointing those issues, sharing her experiences and then offering a solution to them. I really would recommend anyone who is struggling with an eating disorder, low confidence, stress or trying to achieve the impossible feat of 'perfection' to give this book a read!

I have inserted a little bit of the book that I really loved so make sure to give it a read!

"We are bombarded with these images of so-called 'perfection' every day - not only in magazines, but also on TV, on our social media sites, and peering down at us from massive billboards. And, it's so easy to feel insecure and 'not good enough' in comparison. But, we don't have to allow it to influence us. We have a choice.

Recently, I was sitting down to watch one of my favourite shows when a commercial came on showing a 'perfect-looking' model in a bikini running in slow motion along a white sandy beach. For a split second, I felt a pang of jealousy. Luckily, my moment of jealous insecurity was short-lived. I quickly flipped a switch in my brain and said:

"Stop!" Why should I let a commercial on television have the power to make me feel insecure about myself?"

I then gave myself a gentle pep-talk. I told myself that I don't need to look like anyone else or be like anyone else, to be acceptable. I reassured myself that I am perfectly imperfect and that I accept and appreciate myself exactly as I am."

Now, here's the exciting part - I have one copy of the book to giveaway to anyone who is interested in reading it. Just comment below and I will pick someone to send it on to! Or, you can purchase the book here and enjoy - I'd love to hear what you think of it so make sure to come back and let me know your thoughts if you do read it!


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