Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Winter Fashion Staples 2017

It snowed at the weekend!! I love the snow, it never stops being exciting! I will admit, Tom and I did do a little 'excited jump' when we woke up to see the street covered with a blanket of snow...

Whilst I'm being honest, I have been well and truly wiped out with the flu for a good week now. I crawled into work for the last few days of the week (feeling absolutely awful) and during the weekend I didn't move. Which means, I literally covered my bright red Rudolph nose with foundation and popped out for 5 minutes to take these photos in the snow for you all. I literally crawled straight back into bed and endured a hundred snowballs being thrown at my bedroom window by everyone enjoying the snow without me (boo hoo!)

Anyway, less about me and my Winter illness woes, I wanted to do a post to give you a bit of 'Winter fashion' inspiration. It's quite hard to dress for the cold weather so I wanted to share some of my staples for this season.

My first (and probably favourite staple) is faux fur! I love it and there are so many faux fur coats I'm obsessed with right now! It's such an easy way to make an outfit look really chic and glamorous and, obviously, it keeps you so warm and toasty. I bought my faux fur coat last year from H&M and I literally wear it all the time - It's probably my most worn coat! I have tagged everything (or a substitute if it's out of stock) but I think my next post is going to have to be my favourite faux fur pieces right now.

First Outfit:
2. Pink Faux Fur Coat (substitute)
4. Adidas Superstar Trainers (I am wearing the 'double sole' version)

The second staple is, of course, a chunky knit jumper. There are some really nice jumpers out there right now and I think the chunkier, the better! The one I'm wearing in the photo is from Tobi and it's so warm and cosy with massive sleeves which, I think, is such a subtle yet effective touch! 

Second Outfit:
3. Black Studded Ankle Boots (substitute)

I want to hear what your Winter staples are as I'm always up for finding new styles that are perfect for the colder weather! Also, where are you shopping at the moment? I'd love to know!

I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know which outfit is your favourite!
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