Friday, 10 November 2017

Living Without Labels

living without labels

It started when we were in school. You're a plastic, you're an emo, you're a geek, you're a chav and that is the category you will stay in. We might as well have literally been labelled like stock on a shelf, stacked in different isles. We must stay in the isles we belonged and we needed those isles to keep everything organised.

Who did this to us? Who put us in neat little rows on a shelf? Did we do it to ourselves? Are we more comfortable when we know where we belong? All I know is that it is shit and it's something I want us to drop, now.

As you leave school these labels generally tend to get worn out until they fall off and we are just people. Or so we think. Although at university, at work or in general life you wouldn't not be friends with someone because they are in a 'different group than you', we still subconsciously label ourselves and others. 

She's straight, he's gay, she's bisexual, she's gender fluid, he's a Christian, she's a Muslim, she's vegan, he's pescatarian, she's white, he's black, she's Asian, he's American, she's fat, she's thin, he's tall, he's small, until, eventually, we realise that we are laden with multiple labels and for what reason?

I'd love to simplify it. I'd love to not look at someone and wonder which category they fall into. When I'm meeting someone for the first time, I'd love to not slot them into their appropriate categories when I find out more about them to help myself understand whether we would be compatible or not.

Strip everyone of their labels and we are just people. One thing I've learnt writing this blog is that people are crying out to relate to other people. They're made to feel uncomfortable, different or ashamed to do things that either don't comply with other people's expectations or that don't match up to the labels they and society have placed on them.

I have honestly had people say to me that they'd like to start a blog or YouTube but they're worried what people might think. This really does just make me sad that people want to be creative and push the boundaries and shake off their stupid labels to do something different but they're scared because it might not be 'what people expect of them'.

I've also chatted with a couple of people that have said 'what if I'm not good at it?' or 'what if I change my mind and don't like it?'. How on earth are you going to discover something you love doing or are talented at if you don't try it? They are literally scared of people thinking they are strange or can't do something and I feel so passionately that you shouldn't let what other people 'might' (chances are they won't care because they're too busy worrying what people think of them) think.

The point of this post is to encourage you to step out of the box/es you feel confined to and look at yourself as a person who is always learning and growing. When a child is developing, we would never say 'don't try that, you might not be good at it'. We would encourage them to try it and learn whether they like it or not. 

Each day could bring something new and life is too short to 'not try something' because we're scared of shocking people. It's also too short to not want to understand or listen to someone because they have 'different ideas' about something than us. We are still those children and we don't stop learning and developing. Living without labels will only allow us to grow, learn and develop more and just imagine a world where people were like that - I'm pretty sure it would be a better place.


  1. Great post, loved Reding your ideas on this!
    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

    1. Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! xx

  2. this is actually SO true, i can still look back at school and cateogrise where pretty much every person fitted into a label! it's so easy to do that when you're younger though because every tries to fit into one group or another! i've found it definitely got better as i've got older, especially in the world of work! when you have to work day by day alongside people that are totally different to you - it really broadens your mindset to not label people i find!

    really important and well written blog post lovely, fabulous little start to my thursday!

    katie. xx ♥

    1. Thanks for your comment, Katie - I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it!

      Definitely, I much prefer being able to get along in life without feeling I have to fit into a specific category or even subconsciously putting others into theirs.

      Have a great week! xx


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