Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Why Is Everyone So Obsessed With Being Thin?

"Fat, for me, was the worst thing you could say to me or anyone. Worse than being a bitch, worse than being dishonest. It was the worst." - Grace Victory.

As soon as I saw that Grace Victory had put up a video titled Why Is Everyone So Obsessed With Being Thin? I couldn't wait to watch it! For me, her videos give me that bit of time out of the day where I can really work on feeling empowered and confident in my own skin, which is something I struggle with.

I really admire her. How she's broken society's (tiny) mold of 'perfection' and just owned it. How she shows people that you don't have to be from one part of society to be successful. I'd even go so far to say that she's my favourite YouTuber/Influencer or whatever you'd want to call her. The video is in collaboration with Megan from Body Posi Panda who I'd seen before on This Morning. She's just written a book all about body positivity and, as well as Grace, has suffered from an eating disorder.

It's a video that I urge everyone to watch. I'm pretty sure that most people will be able to relate and, like me, could learn something really beneficial to their happiness from it. As always, it's delivered in a really chatty, light-hearted and funny way so I think you'll enjoy it!

Anyway, back to the deep stuff...
Unfortunately, I'd say I'm still clinging on to the belief that fat is the worst thing I could be called however much I don't want to. The only difference is, now I work hard at pushing away the thoughts of needing to be thinner or only being worthy at a certain size.

That's why videos like this one are so inspiring to me. I'm not where Grace is at yet in terms of being confident at any size but it's a process and a long road that I'm working towards.

Really, the need or obsession to be thin is one that a lot of people have but why? Because we're constantly told that the only way to be happy and healthy is to be thin and that is wrong.

We see it all the time. Celebrities on Instagram holding their different brands of 'teatox' which basically gives you diarrhea to get rid of all your water weight. Or a new 'amazing' protein powder that will give you the lean body with rock hard abs and a perfect round bum we're all craving lately. Or, as Megan said, adverts of women in fields with yoghurts that are living their 'perfect, healthy lives' which made me LOL. I know it's all bullshit and most of you reading know it's bullshit too but, I don't know about you, I still feel a bit of hope when I see them. Could this product be the one to make me thin? Could this product be the answer to making me stop constantly thinking about my weight and give me the happy, skinny ending I've been dreaming of?

No, it can't! All it will bloody do is make the companies advertising them millions of pounds! I will be left feeling even more of a failure because my 'diet' has failed again and what will I do? Buy more rip off weight loss products or services. It's a con and I'm angry about it.

The girls chatted about how much money the diet industry is actually worth. In the US, it is around 60 billion dollars! 60 billion!! These companies are making so much money off our insecurities. They tell us we're fat and then sell us the solution.  

The world is telling us we are fat so they can make money.

If we all ate how we did when we were children, intuitively, then these businesses within the diet industry would not make any money. If we weren't all counting calories, cutting food groups and over exercising to reach our goal of 'perfection', how would they make money? They wouldn't.

I have to admit, about half way through the video (and I can't remember why I suddenly thought this), I did have a few doubts about whether living with no restrictions on what you eat could be healthy. Both Grace and Megan are larger women and, through all the positivity, I couldn't help the niggling voice in the back of my head saying 'surely, being overweight can't be good for you?'

 Thankfully, this was something they addressed later in the video and they made some really good points that I hadn't thought about. Grace explained how she'd been asked this question before... but by people that smoke or binge drink or under eat. I guess, like other people, I had started to equate weight with health because that is what we've been told our whole lives.

I felt pretty stupid after they chatted about it. How had I not thought about the people I know that are stick thin but literally eat fast food every day? Their health could actually be worse than someone who is overweight because they eat intuitively etc. Or myself, even. I've restricted food in the week and binged in all ways possible on the weekends. That's not healthy either. 

I really could go on about this subject forever as it's very close to my heart and there are so many injustices surrounding it. Grace said towards the end of the video that she's the biggest she's ever been but the happiest. She's happy because she's free from diet culture and worrying about weight and that's definitely something I'm striving towards. That one day where everything clicks and I am free of worrying about how much fat is on my body.

I know all the facts. I'm angry about the facts but changing the way you think about something after a lifetime of being told one thing is hard. In the meantime, I urge you to watch Grace's video and I have linked it below for your ease. It's so inspiring and I would love for it to help at least one of you reading! Also, thank you so much to Grace for continuing to put out videos that help me to work towards being confident in my body!


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