Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review

Oh my god, when I first saw the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette I knew I had to have it. Even better, I found it a week before my birthday so that just confirmed it was destined for me (or so I like to believe). It was literally like I was unwrapping gold when I received it... is anyone else like that when they get a new eye shadow palette? Or maybe I'm just weird!

I had been searching for a palette with lots of warm colours for such a long time. It took so long because I was specifically looking for one with a strong orange because I just find they match my skin tone the best and they really make my blue eyes pop!

I love the Urban Decay Naked palettes because the eye shadows are really creamy (I know everyone says it but it's true). They blend out so well and the colours are super pigmented. However, they do have a bit of fall out but, if I'm honest, I haven't had an eye shadow that doesn't do that yet (always open for suggestions if you have)!

But - the best thing about the Naked palettes? They don't irritate my eyes! Throughout the whole of university (when I was going out multiple times a week so putting tons of eye shadow on) my eyes were would get so watery and itchy and it was definitely down to the eye shadow I was using. Once, I even had to stay in because of it. I re-did my make up twice and both times my eye make up literally ran down my whole face - not a good look!

The Naked palettes are the only eye shadow palettes I have used that don't do that to me so if you, like me, are allergic to lot's of eye shadows, definitely give these a try!

The palette was £39.50, so slightly on the pricier side to other brands, but it is totally worth it for me. I love eye shadow and experimenting with different colours and looks so it's great that I can actually do that with the Naked palette without my eyes acting like waterfalls!

I literally love all the colours, there isn't one that I don't like which is quite rare! For the look in the photos I've included I used Chaser as a base colour all over the eye. I then went in with Ounce in the middle of the eyelid to inner corner to brighten it. In the outer corners and around the eye I used Cayenne. Layered up along the lash and crease line I used En Fuego and Ashes!

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