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The Truth Behind My Instagram Part II

the truth behind my instagram polaroid camera
the truth behind my instagram polaroid camera

You all seemed to really enjoy reading my previous post, The Truth Behind My Instagram, so the time has come for part 2! In my previous post, I basically pulled apart my own Instagram photos and called myself out for putting my best 'self' forward.

So, in honour of #WorldMentalHealthDay, I thought it was time to rip that facade back down and be authentic with you all about the truth behind each of my Instagram photos because, let's be honest, none of our lives are like our Instagram pages and it will do all of us a bit of good to remember that!
1. Is There Really Bailey's In There?
So, it's safe to say that my Pumpkin Spiced Bailey's white hot chocolate does taste amazing and I actually 'accidentally' discovered it when my sister's girlfriend asked me if I wanted a white hot chocolate and I had Pumpkin Spiced Bailey's left over too...

HOWEVER, I took all the featured hot chocolate photos on a random Monday morning and no one can consume that much cream, hot chocolate and Bailey's alone. So, the drink in the mugs underneath the whipped cream is actually some of my mum's old cooking cocoa mixed with water! 

2. Unnecessarily Made Up
The only thing I did this day was write blog posts and go to Legs, Bums and Tums.

I only did my makeup so I could show you all what the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette looked like on (teaser for an upcoming blog post)! I just think it's important to remember that just because someone is done up to look like they're going out and having the best time - they might not be so don't let Instagram fool you.

Also - remember the opposite, too. I often go out and see friends etc and don't put it on social media. That's also great for your mental health too because it's nice to not have to think 'how can I make this look nice for Instagram' and just enjoy people's company.

3. Lucky Shot
I hated the few photos Tom took when I was actually posing in front of this wall and I was just lucky that he took one when I was walking away for it that I liked!

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4. Battered Old Bag
This goodie bag had been absolutely battered on the tube so obviously it wasn't as pristine as this when I got it home. I simply edited out the scratches and whitened it. Everything is not always as it seems...

5. Is That Really Yours?
I didn't even buy this jumper because I couldn't afford it. Just because people are posing in something it doesn't mean it's theirs! Do you know how many YouTubers/Bloggers buy items for hauls just to send them all back?

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My The Truth Behind My Instagram posts are light-hearted and fun but they really do have a deeper meaning behind them. It's so easy to get caught up in the whole 'Instagram bubble' and it can really affect our mental health.

Whether you feel the pressure to post the 'perfect' Instagram photo to show people what you think they want to see or you're looking at other people's 'perfect' photos all the time - it's so easy for our mental health to suffer when we're being constantly bombarded with altered images.

As a young person who is active on social media, I would like you to remember on #WorldMentalHealthDay that no-one lives an Instagram-perfect life however flawless their social media presence is. My advice to you is to take a step back from it all once in a while. Whether it's going through and recognising that your own photos don't represent your real life or looking at someone else's photos and doing the same, it's healthy to remember that social media isn't always a true representation.

Or, go out with friends or family and don't bring your phone. This is something Tom and I like to do every now and again and it's really nice to just be able to talk without the constant distraction of your phone going off. It is really nice (but weird) when the other person orders or goes to the toilet or something and you just have to sit and people watch and you only really realise how obsessed you are with technology in moments like this!

Obviously, I can only give my little day to day tips to keeping your mind healthy in regards to social media pressure but if you are feeling like you need extra support there are so many useful organisations that are there to help you as well as talking to your GP. I have linked a few good ones below:

1. Mind
2. Student Minds
3. Beat
4. Childline 

Have a great #WorldMentalHealthDay and make sure to use it is a day to talk if you have any concerns, listen to other people's concerns or just to acknowledge those people who do battle a mental health disorder every day!

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