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Feel Good Right Now

panasonic multi room speakers

Being a complete sun worshiper, I have to admit that I am quite sad that Summer is over. Obviously, the warmer seasons are good for getting us out and about (because we can nip out without having to put on 3 jumpers, a puffer jacket, scarf, hat and gloves) but it also makes me feel happier and puts me in a better mood...

So, when the colder seasons start to creep in, I have to do a few 'self-care' things to keep me as happy and motivated as Summer Olivia! I like to think of Christmas (because I love Christmas), watch happy films or vlogs, drink yummy hot chocolates (because you definitely can't do that in Summer) and listen to some feel-good music!

One of my favourite things to do when traveling all year round is to blast feel-good music with Tom or my friends and sing at the top of my voice (badly, of course). We have loads of different playlists on our Spotify account but I have mixed all my current favourites (new releases and some throwback classics) into one playlist of 30 songs. So, if you're anything like me and need a bit of pepping up as Autumn and Winter arrive, check out my feel-good playlist below!

Also, (this discovery has probably come at the best time seeing Christmas will be here before we know it), Tom and I have been searching for the best wireless speakers for as long as we've lived together with little success. We first had normal plugin speakers and then a little pod but they just don't give us the same effect as when we're in the car surrounded by our favourite songs.

So, (don't tell Tom), I did a bit of scouring and have found what I think could be the perfect speakers for his Christmas present this year. I haven't decided which to buy yet but I think I'm going to go for something a bit bigger this time for maximum sound effect! If you're interested in looking for your own partner or dad or anyone who likes music, the range I've been religiously researching is the Panasonic Multi Room Speakers and they really do look perfect so hopefully, they match up to last year's Xbox!

What other songs do you think would be perfect for the playlist? Also, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the speakers... I think they look great but it'd be great to get some more feedback once you've checked them out!

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