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What I Wish I'd Known Before Starting A Blog

how to start a blog

When I wrote my first blog post I had that feeling you get when you start a new exercise book in school... I wanted my first blog post to be amazing and, more importantly, I wanted it to look perfect. Looking back now, it really didn't matter so much about what my first blog post was!

 I found this out after I'd started blogging. I read lots of blog posts about how to 'gain readers' and 'grow your blog' and what I learned from them? I just needed to stick with blogging and write. A lot.

Another thing I remember seeing a lot is to  make sure you 'sincerely' comment on other people's blog posts. This is something that seems to have died down recently as people seem to comment on the link through social media if they particularly liked a blog post. I know I do!

WOW, I have learned so much more since then and I feel like I am still constantly learning (which is something I actually really like about blogging). Trends are forever changing, technology is forever changing and what people want to read is forever changing.

 The tips I picked up on when I first started blogging seem pretty outdated now which is what led me to start exploring new ways to get people actually reading my content.

So, as a pretty novice blogger in the blogosphere, what do I wish I had known before I started blogging?

Stock Images
Taking photos that didn't look like I'd taken them on my Gran's house phone is something I really battled with when I started my blog. Really, they were shit. To be fair to me, though, it does take time to learn how to take good blog photos and I know that lots of other bloggers say they cringe when they look at their first photos!

 I just couldn't understand how bloggers were able to churn out such amazing photos all the time... then I found websites with stunning free images on and my life was saved! There are some amazing websites out there with photos that you are actually allowed to steal. They're a quick and easy way if you don't have time to take great photos.

How Time Consuming It Is
Thinking of things to write about let alone actually writing the blog post takes up a lot of time. Not only does thinking of the ideas and writing them down take time, it takes ages for Google to pick up that you're a reputable source and start ranking you higher so people can actually find your blog organically. It also, obviously, takes ages to actually get enough content that people can spend a lot of time on your blog.

Also, as amazing as Stock Images are, you can't solely rely on them. It's important to also offer new images and getting those top quality photos is time consuming.


How To Optimise My Blog For Search Engines
I've only just started learning about how to actually do this and my eyes have just been opened to all the features I can actually make use of in Blogger...

When I know more about what I'm doing, I'll definitely write a blog post about so stay tuned!

How Much Money I'd Spend On The 'Perfect Theme'
Confession time! I have been guilty of spending way too much money buying different themes for my blog. Simply, I get bored of 'a look'. Whether that's my hair, my style, my room interior or my blog, I like change. I am honestly like a magpie, if I see something shiny and different, that's what I want my blog to look like.

With changing the design and theme of my blog obviously comes extra expense. I guess it's something that's unavoidable though. I needed to make style and content mistakes to actually work out what I wanted my little space on the internet to actually reflect and if that means a couple of wrong blog themes - so be it!

How Many People Would Actually Read It
I really did start my blog because I love writing and it seemed an obvious move for me when I decided I wanted a career in creating content. Writing the blog and putting it out there didn't worry me at all because I honestly didn't think anyone would really read it!

It was when I went through a bit of writer's block and I'd say a bit of a 'blogger breakdown' with what type of content I wanted to produce that I was actually aware that people do read what I write. Lot's of people (strangely, a few people that I didn't think would want to read it) asked me when I was starting writing my blog again. That support honestly did spur me on to push past that writer's block and carry on blogging! Also, it really does make sharing my blog feel a lot more worthwhile!



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