Thursday, 21 September 2017

23 Things That 23 Years Has Taught Me

So, I turned 23 today and it feels so weird to me that I'm that age already! It doesn't seem 5 minutes ago since I viewed people that were 20+ as fully fledged adults who should have a house and family... um, I think I'd set my sights a bit too high as I'm having way too much time enjoying the freedom being 23 brings!

I'd like to say I've learned quite a lot in my 23 years on this earth as I've made plenty of mistakes to learn from and feel like I'm surrounded by a lot of wise people! So, here is 23 things I have learned in my 23 years being alive:

1. Never say no to opportunities.
2. Make as many mistakes as you like as long as you learn from them!
3. You'll only know you hadn't met the right person until you meet the right person.
4. Feeling homesick at a sleepover? Eventually, you'll move to a whole different city and cope just fine without seeing your mum and dad every day.
5. Family is everything.
6. Don't worry about what people think, do what makes you happy.
7. Things will always work themselves out for the better but you will have to struggle to get there.
8. Drink lot's of water - it seems to cure everything!
9. Always read the question properly and don't overthink it (I owe this one to you, dad)!
10. If you mix your drinks you will be sick.
11. If you like something that's different to popular opinion, never be ashamed to admit it.
12. You'll meet the person you want to spend the rest of your life with when you stop worrying about not finding them and stop looking.
13. A problem shared is a problem halved - don't stop talking about your problems and listening to other people's.
14. Contrary to popular opinion, education isn't everything - experience is.
15. However, your mind will be opened the most by the different people you meet at university.
16. No matter how old you get - if someone messes with your little sister you will want to kill them.
17. It's OK not to have 50 best friends, find the loyal ones that will be there forever.
18. Change is a good thing so embrace it!
19. There is no point in driving like Jenson Button everywhere - it's dangerous, you'll waste fuel and you'll only get to where you need to be about 10 seconds quicker.
20. You will get excited when people buy you household items for your birthday... like copper measuring cups and a pink blender!
21. Smile at random people in the street, it can only make both your days a little brighter.
22. Be humble and treat everyone with kindness.
23. Today is here, yesterday is dead, tomorrow is yet to come - remember that (my lovely grandad's words of wisdom). 

Please share your your favourite words of wisdom in the comments below as I'd love to hear them!

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