Friday, 15 September 2017

15 Reasons Why Having A Sister Is The Best

The inspiration for this blog post is a bit of a weird one... after (almost, my birthday is on Thursday) 23 years being alive, today was the first day I properly realised that my blue eyes weren't fully blue but had these weird green splodges in them (they don't look as bad as they sound, I promise). Anyway, after realising this of course the first thing I did is Snapchat my fam showing them of my new discovery...

My sister answered with "Yeah, Liv, I've known that my whole life! I thought you knew it too!" and that's when I was inspired to write a blog post dedicated to reasons why I love having and being a sister because no one will truly know you like your sissy does!

1. The private jokes.
On Christmas, my sister and I aren't allowed to be on a team in any game that involves guessing a word (like Articulate or Pictionary etc) because we have so many private jokes that we can say one random thing and the other one will get it. For example, my sister once said "The one on the left" and I answered "Brooke" and we got the point... yeah we smash it every time!
2. Constant hand-me-downs.
When you're having a clear out of clothes, your sister is the first one that gets to rifle through the bin bags - no questions asked!

3. You can trick people on the phone.
My sister and I have identical voices so when someone would ring and I picked up the phone as 'Amy' I had hours of fun chatting shit and making the person on the other end think she was crazy (fun times).

4. Sometimes you just need advice from your sister.
There are certain things you won't want to go to your mum and dad to and your sister is the best person to answer those questions or talk through a situation with without judging you.

5. You've got a constant bodyguard.
This applies more for the younger sister but I know that as much as I teased my sister growing up, if anyone else was mean ever mean to her 'bodyguard Liv' would be on the case!

6. Your sister has seen you at your best... and your worst
Your sister will remember every cringy part of your life and, often, she's been part of the cringy action!

7. You can be fully yourself.
My sister definitely takes this to extremes as she is so comfortable around me that I can be mid conversation and she'll tell me to get out of her room if she's had enough of my company!

8. In an argument with other people, you're always on the same team.
There's nothing better than having your sister there when you're coming up against someone in an argument. You can always bet she'll be there to back you up and you're a formidable force when you're together!

9. She understands your crazy family!
How amazing is it to have someone that has been brought up in the exact same family as you? She shares the same memories and is attached to the same people so there's no better person to understand your point of view!

10. You can say what you want to each other, you'll be best friends again before you know it.
Because she's your sister and you know her inside out, you know exactly what's going to hurt them the most but because your sisters, both of you can say the lowest blows and get away with it!

11. Holidays and visiting your parent's friends were always fine because you had your sister.
I may be biased, but having a sister growing up is the best thing ever because you always have a friend wherever you are.

12. When bitching with your sister, you can say what you like about people and know it won't go any further!
Honestly, you're not going to break the trust of your sister! If I've ever wanted to vent about someone, my sister is the first person who I would go to. Not only would she never tell the person, she'd always agree and we would end up having the best time being outrageously out of line (always with the comfort that it wouldn't go any further)! Sometimes you just need a good vent!

13. She's honest.
Ever want an honest opinion about an outfit or a boyfriend? Your sister won't hold back in telling you the blatant truth! That's what sisters are for... aren't they?

14. Ran out of something? Your sister's room is a goldmine!
We all do it, if you've ran out of shampoo or deodorant, you will always nick some from your sister (just remember to put it back exactly how you found it)!

15. You'll never have a friend like her.
I don't care what you say, if you acted exactly how you do with your sister with any other person - they wouldn't be your friend for long... That's why, nothing beats having and being a sister!
If you have a sister and can give me more reasons why it's so great, please share them as I would loveeeee to hear them!


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