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Inspired: How I Use Pinterest

As a creative person, I need to have a constant flow of inspiration. Sometimes inspiration throws itself at me if I'm particularly conscious of what's happening around me but other times I have to actively search for it. 

It's been said that no idea is ever original but just a tweaked version of an idea by somebody else. It's the stamp that you put on a concept that makes it unique. 

When I first started writing, I thought that I had to come up with an idea or a concept that hadn't even been touched by anyone else. After beating myself up that I couldn't do it, I soon realised that it was impossible and that piece of advice always helped me move out of Writer's Block.

One of my biggest (actually, I think it is the biggest) sources of inspiration for literally everything is Pinterest and below are a few of the photos that are inspiring different parts of my life.

Collage of photos from my Pinterest

1. White Lace
Other than being obsessed with white at the moment (more about that later) I'm really enjoying wearing lace. It's so delicate and can make any outfit look just that little bit more feminine.

2. Short Hair
This was actually one of the photos that inspired my haircut. I am one of these people that see's a style looking good on someone else and then rushes out to do it without thinking it through. Some may say impulsive, I say inspired.

3. Vintage Light Leak
Simply, I'm obsessed with the light leak effect in Afterlight. It looks cool.

4. Photography
Whenever I see a cool photo on Pinterest, I want to grab my camera.

5. Simplicity
Like I said, I'm enjoying the colour white a lot recently. I love the clean, untouched simplicity of it. If I had my way, I would have my whole house and wardrobe white!

6. Messy Hair
I'm using Pinterest a lot for inspiration on how to get that messy, 'I-just-rolled-out-of-bed' look.

7. Portraits
Oh my God, I just love looking at portraits. I often use them to inspire characters in my writing and I just love people, I love to I imagine what they are like, who their family are, where they live, their experiences. Strange, I know.

8. Style
I Pinterest a lot for style inspiration. At the moment, I'm loving the tomboy with a dash of feminine vibe.

9. Holiday Wardrobe
I was on Pinterest constantly before my holiday trying to get inspiration for what I could wear.

If you're interested in checking my Pinterest out and following some of my boards, click below and (hopefully) get inspired:

As this post is all about inspiration, thank you Marianna for inspiring me after I read your post Inspired Right Now!

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