Friday, 2 June 2017

Why Everyone Should Go Short For 2017

"I just want a little bit off, like how I had here... I don't want anything drastic..."

"But if I cut it where you're saying, it will be in the danger zone and you don't want that!"

"What's the danger zone?"

"It's where it sits on your shoulder. It will just flick out, especially with your hair texture! Honestly, hairdressers are told to never cut hair anywhere between these lengths."

She points between the bottom of my chin and my shoulder.

"Well take a little bit off and I'll see how I like it."

She chops just under the nape of my neck. My hair had gone. She'd cut all my hair off! I was bald. I daren't look on the floor.

"Oh, all your blonde has been cut out now, we'll have to book another appointment to put it back in... I liked it! Or, because you're quite edgy with your piercings, I'd love to try a lilac!"

I didn't realise that I was a bloody girl's world! Are you forgetting that this is my head and I have to walk around with this bob from hell now? Oh, and where do you expect me to pull all this money from? I can't even afford a full price trim in your salon let alone pay for every colour of the rainbow when you fancy it!

"Yeah, that sounds nice."


After she decided to curl my hair and make me look like Shirley Temple

Image result for shirley temple

I rushed home and cried into the mirror clutching the stumps of hair that I had left like a dramatic, vein little child!

I will cut myself a little bit of slack, though. I'd had a tough few weeks and you know how that one pathetic, insignificant-to-other-horrific-things-that-are-happening-in-the-world thing always seems to tip you over the edge? This was mine.

Now, there is a positive moral to this ordeal that I'm sure everyone who has been to a hairdressers can relate to... I got used to it. 

I've actually started to like it! 

It's grown out a little bit already (my mum did remind me multiple times that my hair grows very quickly), I've had lots of nice compliments (although I'm pretty certain it's because I've told everyone that asks how much I hate it) but. more importantly, it's good to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

In a weird way, it was quite cathartic to get rid of my hair. I said goodbye to the bits of blonde I had left and I am literally back to my natural colour again. My hair is as natural and authentic as it possibly can be and I'm quite happy about that.

My hair has always been a strange emotional outlet for me but as I cut, dyed, frazzled and bleached it to an inch of it's life I was never happy.

I could say I've struggled with a negative self image more than the average person and now I'm an adult, it's quite nice to take all I've learnt from my tumultuous teenage years and start being comfortable in my own skin again.

So, thanks random hairdresser for actually not listening to me although I probably won't be visiting you again (I dread to think what she'd do next time)!


  1. Well Olivia I agree and really like the blunt straight cut bob. Your natural colour is also a very pretty colour. Leave off colouring it until you are grey, having said that grey is the new blonde! It will also save you lots money! Xx

    1. Aw thank you Auntie Sharon! I know, can you remember how many times I used to colour my hair?! Well, of course you do because you were always correcting it with highlights haha! Xx


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