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The Truth Behind My Instagram

Watching TV? Check Instagram. Sat hopelessly lonely at your table whilst your friend orders the drinks? Check Instagram. Heaven forbids, you have to stand in the street for a few minutes as the person you are meeting is running late... obviously, you should check Instagram.

I, as well as everyone else, have fallen into the trap of scrolling through Instagram at any given opportunity. I mean, what's not fun about seeing what people are up to, what they're wearing or how they've done their make-up?

This is all well and good at first but when it stops being fun is when you find yourself comparing how you look or what you're doing to others and I know so many people do this. In fact, it's something I've been thinking about quite a lot lately...

As it's been a gorgeous week, everyone in Britain has been out in their shortest shorts and skimpiest tops which I, too, usually roll my eyes out and laugh but this week, I've felt like applauding their brazen acts of confidence. 

This is because sometimes we do all need reminding that we are all people and, if we had our heads out of our phones for more than two seconds and looked around, we would see that those people are all around us. These are not people that have been nipped, smoothed and whitened for our viewing purposes but people of all different shapes, sizes, colours, and textures.

I read Hannah Witton's post The Truth Behind My Instagram Photos and was inspired to do a similar post exposing the truth behind my nice, glossy Instagram photos because, after all, everything is never as it seems.

1. Beautiful Brighton Shot
We waited 20 minutes for two middle-aged women and a photographer to get off the pier before I, glamorously, laid down on the steps to get the perfect shot (it took about 20 snaps to get that perfect shot, mind you).

2. Perfect Pancakes
After having gastroenteritis for a week last year, I can't eat berries so I took them all off straight after I took this photo. Oh, also, I took about 5 minutes getting a good snap so they were also cold (yay)!

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3. Selfie Queens
Not going to lie, this was the best day ever but we had just raced a couple of ten-year-olds to these seats because this pub is always packed and we also waited for the perfect lighting before we took about 50 photos... on each of our phones (sorry girls)! 

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4. Going Out Out
Simply, I felt shit about myself before I went out this night. My room was a tip after I'd spent about an hour trying on then chucking to the floor about 20 different outfits before going with the first one I'd tried on. I felt fat and my hair wasn't going right.
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 5. Who Doesn't Love Gin?
These gins were revolting and none of us finished them.  

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So, there you have it. The truth behind an Instagram photo isn't always what is seems! Look around more often, chill out with the comparisons and remember that Instagram model you idolize so much probably eats cold (but good looking) food too.



  1. I know this post is off a good few month ago but I've just found your blog and I absolutely loved this post! Made me laugh too x

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