Friday, 14 April 2017

Curing My Negative Relationship With Food

Like a lot of people, it's safe to say that I haven't had a good relationship with food in a long time. In fact, I can't remember the last time I did... I will admit, I am going to skirt around these issues in this post because what I really want to talk about it how I am slowly starting to make my relationship with food more positive and 'normal'.

So, here's a very brief, glossed over explanation about where I have been at for a few years:

I feel like I have been living in a really negative/yo-yo type cycle when it comes to my eating patterns. I go from skipping breakfast and lunch and working out really hard, reminding myself how unhealthy it is so eating a normal, balanced diet for a bit, feeling guilty about it, and then back round I go.

I feel like this, on top of extremely neglecting my body in my teenage years, has affected my metabolism, digestion, skin and relationship with food in a really negative way...

For the past few weeks, however, I have been feeling like I have been working towards really stabilising this relationship.

How, you ask?

I have been trying to live a paleo-based diet and also reduce my dairy intake. I say 'paleo-based' because I am definitely still a beginner so still learning what I can and can't eat,,, and I sometimes have oats! My body has always been a bit funny with dairy, too, so I'm seeing if reducing or maybe even cutting it out of my diet will improve my skin problems as I know the two can often be related.

The paleo diet is also described as a hunter-gatherer, primal or caveman diet but it basically means eating high fat, low carbs and stripping your diet right back to basics. This means no gluten, grains, refined sugar or saturated fat and eating only meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds etc.

I call it a diet but I'm not on it as a quick fix 'lose-weight-for-holiday-then-go-back-to-eating-shit' type of diet. I am hoping to convert to it for a long time if my well-being continues to improve.

I have been aware of the 'paleo way of living' for a good five or six years after my dad converted to it and lost five stone! It's the only diet that has worked for him and he now has adopted it as a way of life as well.

The strange thing for me is, I am eating the most I have for a long time but I also feel the lightest I have too. I incorporate it with high intensity, resistance based circuits in the gym and I can feel myself getting stronger each day as well. My main aim isn't to lose weight. I mean, getting a little leaner would be great but I have already seen a positive difference in my digestion, energy and most importantly for me, my mental health towards food.

At 22, I feel like I am at the start of a long journey in seeing what my body reacts positively or negatively to but I am hoping that a paleo-based diet is the answer to my problems! I will keep posted on how I am finding it and any further improvements/revelations...

Before I go, one great thing I've found that helps curve any sugar cravings is cacao powder! I have been having a 'healthy hot chocolate' most nights and as of yet, I haven't felt like I've missed out... The real test will be Easter Day, though, so we'll see!

Thanks for reading... I'm aware I haven't been posting after I had a mini creative crisis/breakdown with my content (us creative types are never happy) but I'm back on track and really excited to get posting again!


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