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I've always liked photography and I see it as a form of art and, maybe more strangely, story telling. I studied many different photographers through A Level Art and I also relied on them a lot when getting inspiration for my creative writing pieces in University (I studied English with Creative Writing).

One important thing in that, though, is that I studied other people's photography and never really got into it myself. Although I have always wanted to, I couldn't afford a good camera and, to be honest, didn't understand how to use the camera to create different photographs.

In starting my new job, one of my colleagues has introduced me to photography and I love it! It is a hobby of his and he has definitely passed on his passion for it to me!

 After taking an afternoon out of both of our schedules, he explained to me everything I needed to know about cameras. He taught me everything from shutter speed to how to achieve the type of photo I wanted. He also taught me how to edit the photos using Adobe Lightroom.

I am lucky to be able to have full reign of the camera provided to me by work so I am making the most of learning as much as I can whilst I have it! (as well as saving up for my own)

So, after a few months playing about with it, I am pretty confident that I am starting to develop a style for my photographs and understand what I'm fully interested in, which is telling a story or creating a feeling through one or a series of photographs.

*Top Tip: One piece of advice my colleague gave me was that every photo needs to tell a story. There needs to be a main focus which you can accentuate when editing and everything you do should work towards telling the story that you want.

I really enjoyed taking this series of photos in Nottingham so I hope you enjoy looking at them. Oh, and see if you can create your own story/feelings from them!


  1. These pictures are amazing, they tell such a story! Keep up your amazing work with your blog pretty gal! x

    1. Aw thank you so much! It's so nice to hear positive feedback :) x


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