Tuesday, 10 January 2017

13 Things They Don't Tell You About University

1. Cheap vodka will become your best friend.
Playing ring of fire whilst drinking the cheapest vodka you could find in the shops will become one of your most treasured past times. Don't worry if you think this sounds revolting, it's easy to get past the taste of window cleaner when you know you have £1 snake bites to look forward to later in the night.

2. Not all of your best nights will be drinking.
I have so many fond memories of staying up with my housemates playing endless games (like murder in the dark or pub quizzes) or filling our living room with our mattresses and having giant sleepovers or, even, settling down to watch The Great British Bake Off each week (students need to rest too)!

3. Buying toilet roll is more stressful than your dissertation.
OK, slight exaggeration but you most probably will have constant arguments about who bought the last lot of toilet roll or even disputes over the quality you buy. Seriously, try and figure out a good 'toilet roll plan' before this happens.

4. There will always be one person in your halls that you never see.
Ours was in room 103. The conversations about the mysterious person that doesn't ever come out of their room will keep you entertained for hours but always remember try and invite them out a few times, they might just be really shy and afraid to approach you. Unfortunately, we never saw 103 no matter how many times we tried so we eventually left them to it and continued to ponder over the mystery behind the door...

5. Everyone cheats in the student quiz nights.
We started off playing fairly but after attending a few times we realised that everyone around us was cheating every time. Eventually clocking on to this, we went on to cheat and win every time... I don't think that's something we should be proud of but, oh well, everyone does it!

6. What will you compromise, a snake bite or your tin foil?
Having very little money leaves you constantly making decisions like this and I'm sure you can imagine which one wins every time... Let's just say, it feels like you're living in luxury when you go home and have a selection of condiments instead of one very nearly empty bottle of ketchup.

7. Third year is like being in a thunderstorm full of referencing and Freud.
As an innocent fresher, I always heard third years saying that this was the year when the party stops. I always thought 'Eh, we'll manage to go out at least twice a week, we'll be fine!' I was wrong. I barely had enough time to do work for all my modules let alone squeeze in two nights out and two mornings as a zombie. Oh, and I felt like I gained Sigmund Freud as a housemate this year.

8. Your halls will constantly smell like illegal substances.
I'll let you come to your own conclusions on this one but it is very likely that your halls will acquire a similar stench to mine did. Oh, and they don't quieten down until about 3-4 am so living in halls completely puts your sleeping pattern out (this will have a lasting effect for the whole 3 years).

9. You can cook half decent food on a student's budget.
The 'students only live on noodles and beans' myth was quickly shattered for me when I realised that quite a lot of people could afford to eat reasonably well (mainly pasta) and, more importantly, could cook. You will, however, have the odd week here and there where you can only afford toast or a £1 pizza from the student shop but this is definitely not all the time like you're told.

10. Never been 'that drunk friend'? Chances are, you will be at University.
Every single one of my friends has been the one that got 'too drunk' on at least one night out and there is nearly always one every night. Here is my opportunity to thank my friends for dragging me home and putting me to bed on numerous occasions so, thank you (you know who you are).

11. Your friends will become your family.
While I'm on the subject of great friends, you will never find such an intense bond as the one with your Uni friends. I mean, where else will you be forced to spend every waking (and sometimes sleeping) moment with complete strangers? There isn't one thing you won't know about each other, like a family, and you honestly create the strongest relationships with these people. I can honestly say, my Uni friends will be my best friends forever.

12. You will argue about scones.
I'm sorry but you won't be able to avoid the constant debates about how you pronounce the word 'scone'. This comes hand in hand with the North vs. South debate and they will be debated for the whole three years with no resolution. You say 'scon'? No way, it's scooooone!

13. University is the best experience of your life.
University is so unique and, speaking as a recent graduate, I feel like I'm going to struggle to top it. I heard this when I was thinking about going but I never really believed it. A strange city, studying English, surrounded by strangers? It didn't sound like my cup of tea but who knew that strange city would eventually feel like home and the strangers my best friends? One of the best things is you can be completely yourself, you can open your mind to new ideas and you can (sorry about the cliche) grow as a person.

13 things they don't tell you about University

Disclaimer: These opinions are all my own and derived from my own experiences as a British student. They are not facts and your experience of University could be very different!


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