Thursday, 17 November 2016

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

I really do think that, as much as we don't want to, we all tend to judge people so quickly and don't sometimes bother to look deeper than our initial perceptions.

I generally do try to get to know someone first, before I make a snap judgement, and when I do slip up (and I definitely do) I always feel really disappointed in myself. This is especially true when that person acts or says something completely opposite to what I expected...

Anyway, that's the reason why I wanted to write this post! I want to give you 10 (very random) things that you probably wouldn't know about me unless you really looked past your initial perception and found out. So here goes...

1. I am the deepest thinker.

Honestly, if there was an award for over-thinker of the year I (or my mum, actually) would definitely win! I will always find something to worry about. Or, I will think so deeply that I will turn something that was perfectly fine into a worry! This is only ever resolved by talking to someone. Then I realise I was being stupid and never think about it again! (thanks, Tom and mum for listening to my rubbish).

2. I want to road trip around America.

This has always really appealed to me. I'm really not interested in the commercial side of America (New York, Florida etc.) but I really want to travel through the deep South of America and see some of the wondrous sights that you just can't get in the UK. It has just always really appealed to me! 

3. I could sing 'I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles' at 18 months old.

OK, so I had no choice in this. My family have been die-hard West Ham fans for generations and it was probably the first song I learnt! I was a really confident child and used to sing it for the family when we went to visit my great-grandad in Twickenham. Those were the days...  

4. I used to be really OCD about towels...

So, I went through this really weird phase of having to have the towels in the bathroom in a particular order before I went to bed. I couldn't sleep if I hadn't sorted them. Don't ask me why. It drove my mum mad. I grew out of it. The end. 

5. I met my boyfriend in a club.

I always said you couldn't meet a long-term boyfriend in a club. I was wrong. Tom and I met in a club in Nottingham. I didn't think it was going to go anywhere, I couldn't barely remember what he looked like before we went on our first date! Obviously, it worked and we're very happy a year later!

6. I can't be alone.

If I have more than two hours on my own I HATE it. I just need company. Maybe it's linked to the over-thinking I was talking about earlier because I just talk too much in my own head and need to share it with someone. Ha ha!

7. I hate sandwiches.

You're probably thinking 'What! How can you hate sandwiches?' and I guess it isn't strictly true. I'm very fussy with them. For most of my childhood I could only eat them if:
  • The sandwich was made by my mum or gran.
  • The sandwich had cheese in it.
  • The sandwich had no butter, mayonnaise or 'sloppy' stuff in it (occasionally Branston pickle).
  • The sandwich wasn't pre-made from a shop.
Basically, I would eat one type of sandwich made by my mum or gran and no-one else.

8. I got my only A in English.

I was a pain in the arse in school to say the least and I don't know how I got an A because I played up a lot for my English teacher of 4 years (sorry). I guess I'm just a natural at it. I have always loved English and writing stories so I achieved my only A in the subject (yay).

9. I have to be dead to take a day off sick.

Even if I am dead, I feel an over-whelming amount of guilt for taking the day off. It's weird, it's hereditary (my dad's the same) and I can't help it!

I even completed my shift at my little part time job, when I was 16, being sick throughout the day. Now, I have learnt to live with the guilt and don't push myself quite as much!  

10. I am really nosy.

My mum was constantly telling me to "stop staring" as a child and tom says it to me now. SORRY I am a starer. I'm intrigued by people. Their mannerisms, their appearance, their business (if they're speaking)

My creative writing tutor told us it's good practice for a writer to observe and ear-wig so I just use that as my excuse now!



  1. I loved reading these fun facts. I can totally relate to number 1! My husband calls it the doomsday effect, where I am over thinking things to the point of the worst possible case scenario.

    1. Thanks Jenni! It's the worst and do you, like me, feel like as soon as you say it out loud to someone, you actually realise how much you've blown it up in your head? Nightmare!


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