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University Q&A: Should I Go To University?

Deciding on whether to go to University or not may feel like the hardest and biggest decision you will ever make. Luckily (or unluckily) it won't be. I'll start by saying that University will always be an option so however pressured you feel to make a decision stop and really think what is best for you.

If you study A Levels, schools will generally push for the next step to be University. Whether this be because they genuinely do think you will thrive there or they want their statistics to look impressive, you don't have to do it because you think they want you to. I battled this throughout my A Level studies because I was pretty certain that I didn't want to go. My teachers definitely had my best interests at heart as my school wasn't academically pushy at all but at the time I just found it annoying. I was, however, very lucky in the fact that my parents are very relaxed and have always told me to do whatever makes me happy (as long as I work hard and to the best of my ability)

I did end up progressing straight into University and I made this decision when I received my A Level results, a month before University began. Although, I wouldn't advise this late decision at all and I wish I had listened more to my teachers. I had to rush to visit my chosen University and was very lucky that I was able to obtain the last room in the whole campus! This really was down to luck so if you are in two minds about going, definitely secure all the boring stuff first because you can always turn it down if you decide not to go. 

If you know for certain that you don't want to go don't be pressured into it. I am generally quite indecisive and impulsive so it was no surprise to my parents that after two years of saying 'I'm not going to University' I decided to go a month before. My sister, on the other hand, is completely opposite to me. She knew straight away that University wasn't for, this never changed and she hasn't gone to University. She entered full-time work after finishing her A Levels and absolutely loves it! She has met a group of brilliant friends and is working her way up without a degree.

So, what about if you do want to go? It sounds like the most exciting idea ever, you can't wait to get away and study a subject you love! Well, great! I went to University and had the best experience of my life. I met lifelong friends, my boyfriend and, as cliche as it sounds, I felt like I completely grew as a person. My outlook broadened and my aspirations widened. I guess I am a 'University Success Story'. Although finding a graduate job was a struggle at first, I am slowly finding my feet and understanding what career path I want to go down.

My advice is to do whatever you want to do. I know it can be hard to go against what your friends are doing or what your teachers and parents expect you to do but it is your life. If you're anything like me, you won't be able to do well at something you don't enjoy so do what you love! Thrive in whatever you want to do and enjoy it. University can drag if you don't want to be there and you could end up dropping out or not passing your course. On the other hand, you might never have even considered University. I was the first in my family to go to University and it was a new experience for all of us. As a child, I'd never even thought about it but I knew I wanted to learn more about my subject and the best way for me to do that was to go to University.

Whether you feel like you're letting people down by not going or even going, it is your life and your decision. If you end up enjoying whatever you decide to do, are kind to others and are a genuinely good person, what does it matter whether you went to University or not? I say, do whatever makes you happy and always remember University will always be an option. 

Please feel free to comment with your own experiences of deciding whether to go to University or not, I'd love to hear them!


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