Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Happisburgh, Norfolk, 2016

Everyone has that one place that they adore more than anywhere else and mine is Happisburgh in Norfolk. Every bank holiday, since my Gran was a little girl, my family have travelled down to Happisburgh to camp on the field next to the beach. For me, it's a place filled with nostalgia, happiness and some of my most cherished memories. It may not be the most exotic place in the world but Happisburgh still comes out on top as my favourite!

This year the whole family made it there and we were rewarded with beautiful weather the entire weekend! I was excited to show Tom about as he was a 'Happisburgh virgin' and we didn't waste any time in getting down onto the beach and straight in the sea! I've become accustomed to the icy conditions of swimming in the North sea over the years but Tom surprised me with how quickly he enjoyed it too!

Last year, I was inspired to set my dissertation in Happisburgh. I have always found strolls in this environment really allow me to think deeply and come up with my best ideas/thoughts. Tom and I went for a walk on the beach whilst the sun was setting and as the waves rolled into the shore I was really able to feel peaceful and content which is something I appreciate a lot lately.

This was the first year that I didn't sleep in the caravan because I accompanied Tom in the inner tent which we named 'the pod'. After a catch up with everyone over a barbeque and ciders, we snuggled down in the pod only to wake up half way through the night on the floor! Our air bed had a leak in it and I was soon reminded why I have always been a caravan girl... Luckily Tom had packed an extra air bed and we soon swapped them over!

The most important thing that came out of our annual trip to Happisburgh was seeing my Gran relaxed and enjoying herself. She reached 80 years old the week before (Happy Birthday Gran!) and the best present we could give her was some stress-free family time. She is honestly the strongest woman I know and deals with everything life throws at her with such courage that it is the least we could do for her!
Every year, I leave Happisburgh feeling happy and lucky to have such a loving family. When I was little I would always spend the first night back at home crying and wishing I was back (aw). Each year seems to fly by, though, and I am excited to see what this year has in store before we are next back in Happisburgh!



  1. Lovely piece of writing , you captured the mood well xxx

  2. Thanks Mum, glad you enjoyed it! Xxx


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