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How Using Natural Oils Helped My Skin Conditions

how coconut oil cured my skin conditions

Being someone who has struggled for a long time with ongoing skin conditions like Acne and Eczema, I felt like I would never find anything to treat them. This was until I came across using natural oils in my beauty regime and I can honestly use the old cliché 'it has changed my life'...

I was lucky in my early teens. I had clear skin and only really suffered from the occasional bout of very mild eczema on my arms and legs! It was when I hit aged 17 that my skin erupted into painful acne around my chin area. My skin conditions are nearly always triggered by stress and unfortunately it is a downward cycle because with (what I thought was) unsightly acne comes more stress which stems from being so self-conscious. My struggle with acne was a long one and unfortunately, at times of high stress, I still suffer from the occasional breakout

1. Coconut oil as a moisturiser/body scrub.

Being someone who struggles with their skin, I am willing to try anything to make it better! I stumbled across coconut oil when my dad started using it to cook with and I am so happy I did. It was the product that led me to look into natural oils. So, I decided to slap the stuff all over my face one night after reading that people use it for their skin and the first thing I noticed was how soft my face was.

After going on a lovely holiday to the South of France to visit my grandparents, I came back very tanned but my skin was so dry! I had been putting off exfoliating in case I rubbed my tan off so turned to my reliable coconut oil. I found a recipe for a body scrub on Pinterest, it was basically coconut oil mixed with sugar to create a paste, and used it to exfoliate my skin. It worked wonders! It didn't get rid of my tan (yay) but peeled away the dead skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth.

2. Coconut oil to shave with.

This is a way to use coconut oil that I have only recently discovered and it is brilliant! I found shaving foam so drying once I'd used it but with coconut oil it's the opposite. My legs feel so smooth and in the long run, it is much more cost-effective because you need a minimal amount!

3. Rosehip oil to fade acne scars.

I stumbled across Rosehip oil after hearing good things about it and completely fell in love. The first thing I really liked about it was the smell (I don't know why)! I initially bought it just for a moisture surge for my skin but, after reading into the benefits, realised it could help with fading my acne scars! It worked wonders! I bought mine in TK Maxx from the range RosehipPLUS and I have continued to use it ever since!

4. My weirdest and most loved secret...

Last but definitely not least is my most cherished discovery for using natural oils. It was my third year of University when my Eczema got really bad. I was particularly stressed with my dissertation and being a third-year student in general and my skin really did represent my inner worries. My arms were covered in small patches of dry Eczema which resulted in me covering them at all times. I had just met my boyfriend, Tom, and I was so conscious that he would think that my body had always been and would always be covered in Eczema. Luckily for me, it didn't bother him which did calm it down!

The worst part about it was it was creeping onto my face for the first time in my life. It wasn't just embarrassing having dry, scaly skin on my face but it hurt. I was left in tears most nights when taking my makeup off because the so-called 'natural' cleansers I had wasted hundreds of pounds on felt as if it was burning my face off.

After struggling with this for around 8 months I was ready to try anything. Searching Pinterest (it is my go-to for everything) I came across a link to a video with one of my favourite YouTuber's 'Pixiwoo' and I tried one of the natural beauty regimes with life changing results.
I use Olive Oil.

I use Olive Oil to cleanse in the morning and take my makeup off at night. Literally, within two nights of using it, my skin was soothed and back to normal. I had finally found my beauty saviour!
Unfortunately, I had to waste tonnes of money to get to the point where I realised that all my skin needed was natural products.

A common misconception about using natural oils is that it will make your skin feel oily but it really doesn't. All it does is nourish and fully moisturise your skin and from someone who has suffered from Acne, it doesn't cause breakouts either.

My skin has never been better!

Please don't hesitate to comment with any questions or your own experiences. When you're suffering from skin problems, it's nice to know you're not the only one and I would love to go into more detail with my experiences with anyone that needs it!

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Happisburgh, Norfolk, 2016

Everyone has that one place that they adore more than anywhere else and mine is Happisburgh in Norfolk. Every bank holiday, since my Gran was a little girl, my family have travelled down to Happisburgh to camp on the field next to the beach. For me, it's a place filled with nostalgia, happiness and some of my most cherished memories. It may not be the most exotic place in the world but Happisburgh still comes out on top as my favourite!

This year the whole family made it there and we were rewarded with beautiful weather the entire weekend! I was excited to show Tom about as he was a 'Happisburgh virgin' and we didn't waste any time in getting down onto the beach and straight in the sea! I've become accustomed to the icy conditions of swimming in the North sea over the years but Tom surprised me with how quickly he enjoyed it too!

Last year, I was inspired to set my dissertation in Happisburgh. I have always found strolls in this environment really allow me to think deeply and come up with my best ideas/thoughts. Tom and I went for a walk on the beach whilst the sun was setting and as the waves rolled into the shore I was really able to feel peaceful and content which is something I appreciate a lot lately.

This was the first year that I didn't sleep in the caravan because I accompanied Tom in the inner tent which we named 'the pod'. After a catch up with everyone over a barbeque and ciders, we snuggled down in the pod only to wake up half way through the night on the floor! Our air bed had a leak in it and I was soon reminded why I have always been a caravan girl... Luckily Tom had packed an extra air bed and we soon swapped them over!

The most important thing that came out of our annual trip to Happisburgh was seeing my Gran relaxed and enjoying herself. She reached 80 years old the week before (Happy Birthday Gran!) and the best present we could give her was some stress-free family time. She is honestly the strongest woman I know and deals with everything life throws at her with such courage that it is the least we could do for her!
Every year, I leave Happisburgh feeling happy and lucky to have such a loving family. When I was little I would always spend the first night back at home crying and wishing I was back (aw). Each year seems to fly by, though, and I am excited to see what this year has in store before we are next back in Happisburgh!


Saturday, 13 August 2016

Everything Happens For A Reason

Online Content Developer Graduate Job

I finished my blog post When Things Don’t Work Out by saying that I was sure something better was just around the corner.

I am glad to say that thinking positively and keeping going has worked out for me and I am so happy to write that I've got a job! I know it's cliche, but it really is my perfect job.

The job role is 'Creative Content Developer' and one thing they stressed is it's a job where I will be able to take full creative control, which is so exciting! I will be in charge of social media, blogging, vlogging and writing articles! What I produce on these mediums will aim to inspire young, disadvantaged children to take the route of higher education. Anyone who knows me would say that this is a perfect role for me.

I travelled up to Nottingham the night before my interview and stayed in my friend's flat. She had not long moved in and the flat already looked so good! (Tom and I are looking at getting a place there, too). We had a huge catch-up and then went up the pub for some food and a few drinks! Tom drove up and met us, I was glad to have him there to chat about any last minute nerves before the big day!

The morning of my interview I woke up early (I was scared of being late) and forced some breakfast down. I really hate eating early in the morning but I knew I needed brain power!

Tom walked me to the interview and we were so early because I'm always paranoid about being late for important meetings like that! I waited in the hallway and was met by one of the interviewers. That's when my interview began! It was three hours long because I had to do tasks, a presentation and a formal interview and I did, actually, enjoy it!

I left the interview feeling quite confident but also didn't get my hopes up! They said that they would ring me and let me know the next day whether I'd been successful...

Back at home that afternoon, I was relaxing watching daytime TV and the phone rang. It was them! They phoned me that day and told me I had the job! I've never felt such a relief after months of stress and uncertainty.

I start work in September, which I am so excited for. For now, though, Tom and I are enjoying August off before we head back to Nottingham! We are flat hunting Monday (hopefully successfully) and have a family trip to the Norfolk coast to look forward to!

I can't wait to begin and I'm sure it will live up to my expectations!

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