Saturday, 30 July 2016

When Things Don't Work Out

Brighton Beach
We went to Brighton for the day and it was here that we were able to truly reflect.
When I think back on this year so far, it's safe to say I have been tested. It has been my final year at Uni which means dissertation, no time for myself and the real world (ahh)! I have had lots of big life choices to make and, if I'm honest, everything I've expected to happen hasn't worked out...

Upon leaving University, the plan for was Tom and I to move to London. I haven't been so excited for something in a long time! I was going to go down, get a job, we would have our own flat ready to move in and start our year in the most thriving and exciting city in the country!

I started interviewing for Graduate jobs in Recruitment, attending assessment days and interviews for some of the top companies in London! The offices were stunning and I felt like a tiny fish in a huge, business-fied pond!  It's a shame the people I came across weren't as impressive as the buildings they were based in.

I didn't get on well with the companies. They were very cut-throat and everyone was in it for themselves, which isn't my personality. The feedback I got from most of the interviews was 'you're too nice'. I decided that I wasn't going to change an attribute that I think is a positive one. Really, how can you be 'too nice'?

Honestly, I left this experience feeling so disheartened. It wasn't all negative, though, because I learnt how to interview in the most competitive environments in the country which can only be helpful for later life!

This aside, we carried on with our dream of moving to London. Tom got accepted to do a placement at a company he was so excited about, it was just down to me to get a job!

We paid for 2 weeks to stay in a B&B in South London over the hottest week of the year. When we got to the room, reality hit. No matter how hard I had tried, how much I wanted it, I didn't have a job and we both had no money. Our dream of living in London wasn't going to happen at this point in our lives.

I have applied for so many jobs, some that I'd love and some that would literally pay the bills.

Being in South London, we decided to go down to Brighton to make the most of the hottest day of the year! This is somewhere I've always wanted to go and what can be better than sun, sea and cider to cheer us up?

It really gave me a chance to reflect on what was important in life. I like to live by the saying that everything happens for a reason even if at the time it feels like the world is out to get you!

I do get down and frustrated when things don't happen the way I want them to, especially when it's out of my control, but I think it's important to pull yourself out of a negative mindset quickly! I like to think of all the things I do have! A supportive family, group of friends and boyfriend. A place I can call home and come back to at any time and the fact that I actually have the choice to study, get a job and move where I want to! So I couldn't afford London? I'm 21, just graduated and inexperienced!

Things do happen for a reason. We have decided to move back to Nottingham, my University city, which I love and wasn't ready to leave forever anyway! I have a best friend there, who I'm so excited to move back near and lots of exciting job prospects. Plus, the rent is half the price which will allow us to save.

I'm hoping this next week will be a positive one and lots of exciting things come up but if they don't, I'm sure it's because something better is just around the corner!

Friday, 15 July 2016

Life Begins!

Graduation Day

We did it! On 21st July the class of 2016 graduated from Nottingham Trent University! Being typically English, it would be shocking for me not to mention the weather. I'm glad to say that we were very lucky to have such a beautiful day. I am one of these people whose mood is greatly affected by the weather and graduating in the sun just made my day perfect!

I graduated with a 2.1 in English with Creative Writing. For someone who loves writing as much as I do, the course was brilliant. I was thoroughly taught the art of writing and was given the freedom to explore different techniques within this. We mostly worked in workshops where each of us would bring a piece of our own writing to read out to the group. This opened up the chance to give and receive constructive criticism and praise and really allowed us to hone our skills to get the best out of our writing.

One thing I have learnt is, that as much as I enjoy writing fiction, I am also a very visual person and am definitely going to turn my hand at screenplays! Hopefully, starting by adapting the short story used for my dissertation into a short film.

So, here I am! Graduated, full of inspiration and motivation and looking for a job! I feel like I've got so much I want to achieve but with very few avenues open right now. So, instead of moping (like I did a bit yesterday) I've decided that I've got to get out there and find these avenues myself... then force myself down them! It is really easy for me to get disheartened when I have so much enthusiasm to succeed but very little opportunity right now. I know it takes a lot of time and hard work but I always have had big dreams and aspirations, probably before my time.

This is why I decided to start blog writing again. Other than writing fiction and screenplays I feel like I need a creative focus that can be heard now. I loved writing my blog before and, being a social person, the sense of community it gave me. I named this first blog post 'Life Begins' because that's really how I'm feeling right now. I feel like I've got the world at my feet, now it's just down to hard graft and motivation for me to really make my mark!

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